by The Harbor Divide

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I’m not afraid of the living,
I’m afraid of the dead,
These see through fragments
Floating in space
Replicating all the faces of who hurt me
It’s not a nightmare,
It’s not a dream,
It’s my own hell of a reality.
I gave you everything,
You took it all from me
You took the thread that kept my heart beating
You left me for dead
I just laid awake every single night-
Thinking I was fake, and a worthless swine
You took the best years of my life,
Killing the child inside,
Buried 10 feet down,
I told myself I’d never make It off the ground
I believed everything you said
You engraved it in my head,
I believed everything
I’m not who I was,
It’s taken all that I have,
To become the man I am,
If it wasn’t for you almost killing me,
Id already dead
If it wasn’t for you almost killing me,
Id already be dead
You left me.


released August 5, 2015



all rights reserved


The Harbor Divide Toledo, Ohio

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