by The Harbor Divide

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released October 16, 2015


tags: metal Toledo


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The Harbor Divide Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: Home
Father, are you still breathing, I can feel your pulse in my fingertips, Father are you still listening, I just want to hear your voice again.
As I stare Into this mirror I question all the choices ive made
For years I never thought I was wrong, until I came face to face with your grave,
it took your coffin in the ground for me to realize I’ve lost my way
I wish I could go back and change who I was to this day,
I’ll live my life with this regret for as long as I can breathe,
When I close my eyes I see you, your fragile body broken, I can’t imagine life without you.
I can see you in my dreams,
Please just answer me,
I need you, I’m sorry.
Please just stay awake
I need you
Track Name: Rebirth
I’m losing touch with everything
Death has a hold of me, I can feel his hand on my wrist
I can’t breathe.
All the faces of everyone I knew are blank, in the dark is where I lay.
I had it all in the palm of my hands and let it go from my fingertips.
drowning myself reaching for the bottom of the bottle,
Losing vision quickly, my bodies becoming hollow
Weightless I drift away into the dark,
Screaming nothing
I no longer have a beating heart
I am suffocating
Crawling close and closer to the edge of my life
I can feel my body dying
Slipping out of my head my memories are fading as I drift away to sleep
I’m reaching out to you and you’re not there, the darkness surrounds me
and all I feel is fear
Track Name: Soot
We need the world more than it needs us, we’re killing it from the outside in,
We take and we take and never give back, we’re so fucking selfish.
I can see the world falling to ash and dust,
Slowing burning,

Lead me to my grave ive accepted my fate, I’d rather die than live and watch this world burn.

Mother, I’m sorry for what we’ve done while you’ve been gone,
Mother I’m sorry for what we’ve done to your home,

I’d rather die than watch this world burn.
Track Name: Divided
Growing up I was told to believe in a man I couldn’t see,
I prayed and I prayed down on my knees and always got nothing
I was told to have faith, but it’s hard when you’ve lost everything,
God, if you’re listening, Answer me!
Tell me why you’d let all these children suffer,
you’d let so many go through this,
Tell my why you chose to save me over all those who deserved it more,
Why am I standing 6 feet above a childs lifeless corpse?
If there’s a god, why have I never heard him,
If there’s a god, why are so many burdened
With burying their loved ones who died and left them deserted?
I can feel their pain,
Deep inside the blood that flows through my veins,
I can’t bare to hold this,
The grieving I feel for them is too much for me
All the agony,
God, if you’re listening, Answer me!
Track Name: Solstice
I cant dream of a world where you’re not there,
As I watch the setting sun, I am filled with fear,
As I watch the rising moon, the waves are all I hear,
I don’t know if I can keep my thoughts clear,
Everything around me is getting dark,
I no longer feel you here.
My soul is weak,
Withered away,
I can’t speak of the words I felt so warm too,
Bury my heart deep inside a chest,
Of lost memories I wont cling too,
I wont stop searching until you’re back,
This empty room I reside is destroying my heart

I’m not alone,
I feel you there,
Breathing inside my ear

I cant dream of a world where you’re not there,
As I watch the setting sun, I am filled with fear,